Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finds From the Archives

A swell and groovy 1971 WJJD Survey. © Plough Broadcasting Company 1965. A very nice IBM Selectric typewriter font. Probably typed by the receptionist. (Click on the images for a larger view)

Art Roberts was at WKBW at the time. When Dick Lawrence fired him there, he moved to WBNY for just a short time. Roger Christian who also worked WBNY, after WWOL. Great pipes. Went to the coast. He has since passed on. Perry Allen who was terrifically talented morning guy at WKBW. He used voice tracks and drops from disc before carts or digital editors came in. Good friend. He was Jewish and married a good Catholic girl, Jean, who worked for Eddie Yellen at Capitol Records Had a cat named "Damn It" as in "Damn it, get off the couch". Perry back on the left coast. Danny McBride was at WEBR. Ran a media newspaper on the southside of Buffalo. Good kid. Bob Wells was the Dean of Buffalo disc jockeys at the time. Was the first guy to really spin records in town. Had a teen show from the Dellwood Ballroom every Saturday afternoon...and the stars dropped in there. Like a radio American Bandstand. He has since passed on. Don Crissy was a table tennis bud who also worked WBNY. Hernando's off air name was Phil Todaro and lived on the infamous west side. Did an all night gig for WGR. Used to stop in to see him all the time. The show was based on the song Hernando's Hideway. He didn't have great pipes, but was a pied piper. Played what he wanted to play and broke records. Basically, the other guys in town listened in and picked up on the winners. Dick Carr was the PM guy at WBNY when I joined the staff. When he went to Pittsburgh to program, I took over his afternoon gig. Russ Syracuse was from Syracuse and worked WKBW. "Indeedy, doody, daddy" was his pet phrase. I liked that, and have used it a time or two. Russ got into trouble in Syracuse and had to take the gig in Buffalo. He gave a teenager a ride home from a record hop one night. She falsely accused him of raping her...and messed up his career.


At 1:03 PM CST, Blogger Joe Mama said...

Radio...when it was actually fun to listen to, entertaining and played a part in the community. Those days are gone. Maybe the community doesn't need to have radio forced to serve it since people have news and any kind of information on demand now. And yes, with wi-fi and portable computers, the laptop is your friendly constant companion. "Take it along, it's portable!!!" And now I have to go back to listenening to my local radio station where "It's a better variety, so I can listen longer." Wait a minute.....I have the best variety on my mp3 device. Three thousand songs and I can listen to them in any order. But no Art Roberts, Frank Stickle, Dean Anthony, Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, Ron Lundy, Clint Buhleman, Harry Harrison or Barry Gray. But if I pay $15 a month and spend $250 on a device for my car, I can listen to a computer drop in out of work disc jockeys between long sets of music.

At 2:25 PM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Groovy haircuts. Do they still make Butch Wax?

At 1:35 AM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Shaffer is the only white guy who can call somebody "cat" and get away with it.

At 1:39 AM CST, Anonymous Barry Gray said...

Didn't Plough make St. Joseph Aspirin for Children? Glad I didn't put any money into that.


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