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Wasted Days and Other Stories

Back in my memory there is a story of the listener who called the request line at Chicago's Country Music Power House and told me that he and his new wife were on their honeymoon and wanted to hear a special song.
Hey, for that or almost any other occasion, I was willing to comply.
"And what would you like to hear" I asked.
"Wasted Days and Wasted Nights by Freddy Fender".

Grammy-winning artist Freddy Fender, who is almost 70, has been diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times says that Freddy was diagnosed in June and has cancelled all bookings and is resting at his Corpus Christi home.
Freddy is best remembered for a number of hit recordings including Wasted Days and Wasted Nights and Before the Next Teardrop Falls.
Freddy told the paper: "I woke up this morning and I’m ahead of the pack — to my surprise," he joked to the paper. "I feel OK. I feel all right, but I’m on chemo, so I get side effects. I’m getting ready for my third treatment for the second time..... I’m one year away from 70 and I’ve had a good run. I really believe I’m OK. In my mind and in my heart, I feel OK. I cannot complain that I haven’t lived long enough, but I’d like to live longer."

Back in Chicago, and working for WJJD-AM 1160, I hosted shows with him and had him on the air with me one afternoon after he had sung the National Anthem at Wrigley Field in front of a Cubs crowd.
While we were talking, I noticed writing on his hands; he had written the words to the Anthem on his palms. “Well, I didn’t want to forget them. That would have been embarrassing. I didn’t want to be known as the guy who blew the lines to the National Anthem at the Cubs game.“

Arista/Nashville has confirmed that the multi-platinum selling act, Diamond Rio has parted ways with the label. The group's most recent Country single was, "God Only Cries."
A little history about God songs:
In March 2005, "In God We Still Trust" was performed at a Diamond Rio concert.
They received an immediate standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it!
Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it because it is considered politically incorrect. Consequently, Arista/Nashville was reluctant to release the song to the public. If they did, I didn’t get a copy.
However, I did receive a copy of Diamond Rio Greatest Hits II...and the 13th cut.... The last cut on the album is "In God We Still Trust".

I'll give the guys credit for making the company put that one on the CD. Now if we can only get the lamebrains of the radio business to play it occasionally. Once a day would be nice.... Along with our National Anthem. Like the good-old-days. (Although I have heard that some stations have revived that practice)

In God We Still Trust is a wonderful song, thought and fact that most of us still trust in God.
Thank God that radio programmers of past years played Kate Smith‘s “God Bless America” and Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”

I'm often disappointed with my brothers of the broadcasting business. They lack guts, individualism and any sort of spirit of adventure. They truly are sitting on their brains. But that again, may be corporate policy; a judgment made by some corporate VP who never spent a day in front of a mic or talked with fans at a country concert.
He/she can however move a pencil well enough to come up with a enough black ink to make the stockholder’s happy---forget the listeners---forget the fans---forget entertainment. Just make money.

Alan Jackson put on a free private show at the Grand Ole Opry on August 2nd for a special group of about 1200 volunteers currently working to build a house for a family for the hit TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
The Hawkins family's home was destroyed this past April when a tornado ripped through the Nashville suburb of Gallatin. Amy Hawkins was home with her two young sons when the cyclone touched down and she covered the boys with her body to protect them from the flying debris. The heroic act saved her sons but when the house collapsed on her, Amy was paralyzed from the waist down.

Like most area residents, Allan had heard of the family's plight and wanted to do his part to help. He says, "Being close to home here, of course anybody that went through that you're more connected with. And then I think the fact that I'm a parent and I would give my life for my children, so I know she didn't think twice about it, and just the personal devastation they felt, not only with their home but of course their health. It's a never-ending battle, it sounds like."

Keith Urban beat it back to Nashville after his marriage and honeymoon, to work on his new studio album due out this fall. First single out of the project is called Once In A Lifetime.

Country Weekly readers recently voted Keith Urban as "The Sexiest Man in Country Music," and in their August 14th issue, they explore the "mystique".

A couple of years back Sara Evans was the first female star publicly saying Keith turned her on big time, saying her husband would just have to deal with that.
In the article some other lady stars add their reasons for the same reaction, including Miranda Lambert, Dolly Parton and Danielle Peck.
Dolly says, "He's handsome, he's sexy, he's talented, he's tender." Miranda, who once toured with Keith, simply describes Keith as, "One of the most beautiful people I've ever seen." Chely Wright taps into Keith's generous side, telling Country Weekly, "I have never known a kinder soul than Keith Urban. And he is simply gorgeous to look at." Keith, now married to Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, has downplayed his celebrity, which appeals to SHeDAISY's Kristyn Osborn. "The humility with which he handles all this attention is actually very charming," she says.

Martina McBride is thinking ahead to the Christmas holiday season and has announced she will be touring once again this Christmas.
Now in it's fourth year, "The Joy Of Christmas," will start spreading holiday cheer in Chicago on November 24th and wind it's way through 15 other cities. The show will prove to be a holiday extravaganza complete with 18 seasonal classics by Martina, special effects, elaborate sets and a talented cast of actors. Martina elaborates, "Christmas is such a wonderful time, and I wanted to create a memorable holiday experience for the entire family. For more information and tour dates log onto:


At 3:31 PM CDT, Anonymous Rick Sklar said...

Yes, Max, "Just Make Money" is what it's all about. And reducing "head count" too. If the reduction of the "head count" helps make money, what were the heads doing there in the first place?

It's sort of like when there's an emergency at a city or federal office and they say that "only non essential employees" should stay home. Who shows up?

At 3:41 PM CDT, Anonymous Stan Freburg said...

Wasn't there a radio edit of "In God We Trust" that was called "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash?" Unless you're doing agency commercials. Then you have to trust the agency to pay you when they get paid. Maybe in six months or so. Providing you haven't forgotten about it, which they're hoping you have.

At 3:55 AM CDT, Blogger Joe Mama said...


Would you like to know the definition of putz? Click here.


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