Saturday, August 26, 2006


You may have heard something about a country music singer killing a tame bear and a lot of folks being upset about that. I really don't know what happened, but I will pass along the latest. You can draw your own conclusion or you can wait for the trial and the verdict.

In addition to earlier statements from Troy Gentry and his management last week regarding Troy's arraignment of federal charges last week for allegedly killing a tame bear and being complicit in illegal tagging of the bear, Troy's manager released this open letter to Gentry's fans and friends with more details of the incident:

"To Montgomery Gentry Friends and Fans:

You are probably aware of the allegations made against Troy Gentry in a federal indictment filed in Duluth, MN. Unfortunately, the false accusations made against Troy in the indictment have been reported in the media as a statement of fact.

These charges are very serious, and the potential penalties are very severe. Troy has hired the best trial lawyer in the state of Minnesota to represent him in this manner. Accordingly, Troy's attorney has advised him not to make any statements about the facts of this case.

Since Troy cannot speak for himself, I feel it is important to give you some perspective on this case that has not yet been reported in the media.

Troy is accused of conspiring with a professional hunting guide to improperly fill out a hunting tag. To back up this charge, the indictment claims that Troy shot a tamed bear in a cage, then made a video to appear that he did not shoot the bear in a cage, but in the wild. These claims are wildly inaccurate.

The bear in question was never in a cage or pen; not when it was killed or at anytime prior to that. This wild bear occupied its own habitat (consisting of several acres of woodlands) on a game preserve owned by the codefendant. Troy shot the bear with a bow and arrow from a tree stand mounted on the private game preserve. Troy did video tape this hunt for his personal use, but did not edit it to make it appear anything other than what it was. He did not distribute the video for commercial use or intend to use it to mislead anyone.

Troy is an avid environmentalist and hunter who supports and follows all game laws. Before he killed the bear he was told by the bear guide that it was proper and legal to kill the bear which again was not a tamed bear and was never in a pen or cage. Troy reported the kill to the wildlife authorities and tagged the bear per the guidance of his professional guide. This all occurred in October 2004.

Troy is disheartened that he has been falsely accused, and looks forward to speaking with the US Attorney's handling this case. A press release regarding the indictment was serviced to the media by the US Attorney's office in Minneapolis immediately following the arraignment. Although they were aware of Troy's legal counsel, they did not include his contact information in their press release as is customary. Thus the media ran with the false information on without contacting anyone on Troy's behalf.

The result is that Troy has been convicted in the court of public opinion without fair representation. A true travesty of justice for a guy who truly loves God's creation, treats it with respect, and obeys the laws designed to preserve and maximize its splendor.

Please continue to support Troy and Montgomery Gentry in this time of crisis.

Sincerely, Johnny Dorris, Hallmark Direction Company


At 5:46 PM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like damage control is in overdrive. The video will speak for itself. After he's convicted, maybe they should put him in cell and have Ted Nugent come by with a bow and arrow.

At 3:48 PM CDT, Anonymous George Jessel said...

You can trust what Troy Gentry's people spin as much as you can trust Mel Gibson at a Bar Mitzvah.

At 2:42 AM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gentry must have a little dick


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