Friday, August 01, 2008


Signs of the Times:
Thursday, July 31st 7:30 AM-Garland, Texas.

Folks are lined up at the ReCycling Warehouse with shopping carts full of Aluminum cans in big black garbage bags.

Why do people wear those silly cell phones in their ears?
Nothing is as stupid as watching a person walking down the street talking to themselves.
Back in the good ole days, we would of had them put away.
One more thing. Haven't they heard that cell phones give you brain cancer?

How much gas would we save if we did away with drive-thru fast-food restaurants?
Get off your fat duff, take a walk and go into the store.

From the August 4th issue of Time:

3 of the 10 Questions asked of John Madden...whom I think is a sports authority; an honest guy; and one that doesn't pull any punches.

Q1: NFL rookies are paid a large sum of money before they even step on the field. Do you think they should be paid that much?

....that's the system. I think there will be times a guy will be overpaid, and there will be times a guy will be paid a lot of money and he'll get to a position where he's underpaid. You just try to get a system that is close to being fair to the players and owners as it can be. And you really can't include the fans in there, because I've never seen them give any money back to the fans.

Q2: Do you think professional football players should be considered role models?

Yes, I do, and I think it ought to even be written in their contracts. I don't think they have the right to say they are or they're not, because they are. And they ought to accept that.

Q3: What advise would you give Brett Favre on his current retirement flip-flop?

Once he leaves and doesn't come back, he's never, ever, ever, ever going to be able to come back. So this is a big decision for him.....Do what your heart tell you to do, and enjoy it. If I were the Packers' general manager, I would take him back and play him. And anyone who says bring him back as a back up doesn't know what they're taking about.

Nuff said from John....and I concur.
Nuff said from me.


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