Thursday, August 14, 2008


I must confess "I Love Chicago". The City of Broad Shoulders. Meat Supplier to the World. Home of the Cubs, White Sox, Black Hawks, Bulls and Da Bears! Best variety of food on Planet Earth. Nice people. Hard working people. The Town that Billy Sunday 'could not shut down'. Get anywhere with public transportation. Some of the best radio jocks showed-off their talent here.

We have kids in Chicago. We have good friends in Chicago. This was an opportunity for one of our grandgirls to meet all of this. To be introduced to the Chicago Hot Dog...and Chicago Pizza...and Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. To sit upstairs on the Chicago Northwestern Commuter train as a thundered past the Cumberland, Park Ridge and Des Plaines' stations. My kinda town Chicago Is!!!

The 2500 mile trip started in Dallas.
A stop in Piggott, Arkansas to see Auntie Ann who is not feeling well.
A visit with her son, Wayne, who lost an argument with a SUV while riding his motorcycle. He fractured some bones in his neck, busted up two arms, but surprisingly, he's doing quite well.

Best price for gasoline was in MO. Both ways. Going up, it was in the $3.50 range. Coming back, it was in the $3.40 range.

It all started with an invitation to be at another grandgirl's Flint, Michigan. But that's tomorrow's episode.


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